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What to do if You Get Something in Your Eye

woman putting in eyedropIn most cases, if something gets in your eyes, you can easily remove it. Foreign objects are dangerous as they can scratch the cornea. It may take several days for a scratched cornea to heal, and you may also need to visit your doctor. This part of the eye is a protective covering for the front of your eye. Light enters the eye through the cornea and focuses it on the retina. Foreign items refer to things that get into the eyes from outside the body. This can be any object that doesn’t naturally belong in your eyes, from dust particles to metal shards.

Flush With Water

You may be able to flush out foreign objects in your eyes using a gentle stream of clean, warm water. Place an eyecup or small drinking glass on the bone below your eye socket. Another easy way of doing this is opening the eyelid and aiming a gentle stream of water on the forehead. If you’re wearing contact lenses, ensure you remove them before or when applying the water. Some objects may be stuck under the lens. Avoid rubbing the eyes or using sharp objects when touching the eyeball.

How Do You Look at Your Eye?

It’s not always easy to tell where a foreign item is located inside your eye. Therefore, ensure you have enough light while trying to remove it. First, open your eyes wide. Secondly, pull the lower lid down and look into a mirror. Lastly, lift the upper lid and look into the mirror again.

How to Remove Makeup in the Eyes

If some makeup gets into your eyes, you may be easily able to remove it. The ideal method will depend on where the items are located. If they are in the lower eyelid, pull the eyelid out and press on the skin below it. If you see the particles, use a damp Q-tip to remove it. Take caution to avoid damaging the eyeball. If anything more substantial gets in your eyes, contact your eye doctor for assistance.

When Should You Get Medical Help?

If you cannot easily remove the foreign objects in your eye, or need emergency treatment, contact your eyecare professional as soon as possible.