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Visual Field Testing

Pay Attention to Eye Flashes and Floaters

Visual Field Testing for Ocular Disorders

Eye floaters and eye flashes might be more than a distraction when it comes to your eye health. They can be symptoms of serious eye diseases like eye injuries, detached or torn retinas, eye tumors and much more.

Even if you’re not seeing floaters or flashes, it’s important to have your visual field tested regularly for problems you don’t even realize like glaucoma.

All Lifetime Vision examinations include screening visual fields with Humphrey Frequency Doubling Technology (Humphrey FDT), which our doctors use to diagnose eye diseases. It’s a breakthrough in technology that is highly accurate and completed in less than 45 seconds per eye.

For the most advanced threshold visual field testing, we use the newest technology on the market, the Humphrey 850 with liquid lens technology.

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