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Eye Emergencies

Eye Emergencies Are Nothing to Blink Off

Don’t Spend Time and Money in the ER. Call Us, Instead.

It happens. You’re drilling metal in the garage and a fragment flies into your eye. Your teenager sleeps in his or her contacts and wakes up with a painful, red, watery eye and blurred vision. Or a twig swipes across your open eye while you’re doing yardwork. Or… you get the picture. Regardless of the cause, you have an eye emergency.

What do you do? With Lifetime Vision "You call, you're in." Just call our direct line (701.746.6745) and you will be directed to our on call doctor for after hours care.

We provide urgent care treatment for emergencies including corneal abrasions, burns, foreign body removal, pink eye and more, routinely and immediately.

Instead of waiting for hours and incurring the expense of a hospital emergency department visit, call our main office for after-hours emergency service. You call, you’re in. It’s what we do.

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