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Dry Eye Evaluation

090 DryEyeEvaluation

Most optometry practices do not have the equipment to test for Dry Eye, making it one of the most under-diagnosed eye diseases. To diagnose Dry Eye, a specialty-trained optometrist performs multiple tests over a series of appointments. The tests performed will evaluate the quality and quantity of tears, along with how quickly they are made and dry. At Lifetime Vision we will:

  • Analyze and review your current medications for any that might exacerbate Dry Eye.
  • Measure lipid and tear layer thickness and blink pattern.
  • Perform osmolarity testing, which is an evaluation of your tear layer to measure inflammation.
  • Perform non-invasive electronic measurement of tear breakup time (i.e., how long does it take after you blink for tears to evaporate?)
  • Use infrared photography on the insides of your eyelids to measure Meibomian gland dropout and dilation. We’ll use the Oculus 5M Keratograph® and the LipiView™ to document your glands.
  • Use a special dye to detect damaged cells on the cornea surface caused by chronic dryness and perform a detailed analysis of the eyelid function.