How Do You Know It’s Time for a New Glasses Prescription?

Most people who wear glasses will get their glasses at the eye doctor and then delay going back to have their eyes checked for a long time. Unfortunately, many eye conditions that require you to wear glasses can change or worsen with time, so getting a new glasses prescription periodically is an important thing to do. Here is a look at a few signs that should signal you to schedule an appointment to have your eyes checked

You find yourself squinting a lot.

Squinting is one of the first signs that should let you know your glasses are not performing for your eyes as you should. You may catch yourself squinting when trying to read, watch television, or view something from afar. Pay close attention to what you are doing when you catch yourself squinting so you can let the eye doctor know how you feel your vision has changed.

You haven’t had your vision checked in several years.

It is best if you have your eyes checked about every three to five years until you reach 40 years old. Then, it is best to get more frequent exams; usually, every two to three years unless there are specific eye health concerns. Not getting your vision checked can leave you more at risk of having glasses that simply don’t work as they should.

Your health has changed drastically due to illness or disease.

If there has been a sudden change in your health, it is always a good idea to have your vision checked for changes as well. For example, people who are diabetic can develop problems with their vision rather quickly. Plus, certain illnesses and diseases can mean you will need a prescription change with your glasses.

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Your glasses serve you and your eye health well. But, if your prescription is outdated, you simply do not reap the benefits that you should. Therefore, periodic assessment of your vision and the glasses or contacts you wear are important. Reach out to us at the Lifetime Vision Center for more information or to schedule an appointment to have your vision and current prescription assed.

4 Features to Look for in Quality Sunglasses for the Health of Your Eyes

Most people have at least one pair of sunglasses in their vehicle, purse, or pocket. However, few people know how to find sunglasses that are best for eye and vision protection. Here are a few features to look for in quality sunglasses for visual health.

1. Look for 100 percent UV protection.

Without a doubt, the single-most-important thing to look for in a pair of high-quality sunglasses is 100-percent UV protection. These sunglasses will negate 100 percent of the UV rays from the sun, which means your eyes and your vision will be adequately protected even if you are out in the bright sunshine for long periods of time. A lot of inexpensive sunglasses actually have a low percentage of UV protection.

2. Bigger can be better but convex lenses are good too.

Make sure any sunglasses you choose completely cover your eye. Many people go with bigger lenses because this ensures the sun is blocked from all directions. If you do not necessarily like the idea of large sunglasses, or they do not fit the shape of your face, you can go with convex lenses that curve around your eyes. These will do a good job of blocking the UV rays from the sun as well.

3. Polarization helps cut glare when it snows.

If you feel a lot of eye strain when the ground outside is covered in a blanket of white due to the snow, you will want to look for sunglasses that have polarized lenses. Even though polarization does not protect the eyes from UV rays, it will deflect those bright rays of light that are coming from a bright layer of snow.

4. Quality construction is an important thing.

The quality of the construction of the sunglasses is an important thing too, but it is easy to overlook. Even low-grade construction can have an effect on your eyes. For instance, if you have a nose piece that does not offer any support, the sunglasses will be forever drooping down and allowing the sin to get to your eyes.

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Your vision is a big part of your health and your life, and it should be rightly protected. If you are having problems finding the best sunglasses to protect your eyes or if you simply want prescription sunglasses, contact us at the Lifetime Vision Center for an appointment.

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