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Medical Care for Your Eyes

Our High-Tech Exams Find More than Vision Problems

Get glasses and contacts from a medical provider that gives you so much more than glasses and contacts. We routinely check blood pressures and perform 16 diagnostic tests that often reveal serious medical conditions beyond eye health, including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, tumors and STD’s.

At Lifetime Vision, our top priority is taking care of your eyes, your vision and your health. We offer a full-service optometry practice with up to date, state-of-the-art equipment.

Our next priority, if you need vision correction, is making sure your glasses and contact lenses make you look and feel great.

Advanced Care

It starts with a deep knowledge of eye care and years of experience putting it into action to improve vision and eye health.

Our physicians and staff members have decades of expertise in eye care, early diagnosis, treatment and management. We work with patients in the most modern facility in the area using state-of-the-art computer and diagnostic equipment and instrumentation. We pull it all together to detect, treat and manage any eye issues you might have, from cataracts to glaucoma to retinal issues.

Technology advancements continue to expand the options for vision correction, treatment and management. We’re serious about making sure we’re up to date with all the latest processes, procedures and treatments.

We believe in providing proactive care rather than the same treatment options year after year. We also believe that, when we do eye care the right way, you’ll know all your options every step of the way.

We’ll discuss them with you thoroughly, from your initial eye exam through follow-up visits, so you have the information you need to make decisions that are best for you, your family and your life.

In addition, Lifetime Vision is the region’s leader in dry eye treatment. Chronic dry eye is diagnosed more and more frequently due to a wide range of environmental and health-related factors. It can be miserable if it’s not diagnosed and treated fully and appropriately. That’s what we do in our Dry Eye Clinic, which is the only one of its kind in Grand Forks and the surrounding area.

Last, but certainly not least, we offer 24-hour emergency service. If you, someone in your family or a friend gets glass in their eye, finds themselves with a scratch on their cornea or there’s something terribly wrong that just can’t be identified, you can call on us night or day for help right away.

The Lifetime Vision Team
  • Utilizes the most current technology available to better diagnose and treat patients.
  • Provides proactive care.
  • Offers patients innovative options to improve
    eye sight and eye health.
  • Is expanding the scope of services and comprehensive pre-testing available in the Grand Forks region.
  • Offers patients innovative options to improve
    eye sight and eye health.
  • Offers the area’s largest selection of fine eyewear and contact lenses.
  • Uses the best quality labs for digital lens technology.
  • Provides advanced dry-eye diagnosis and treatment in the area’s first and only certified Dry Eye Center.

Looking & Feeling Great

We have the area’s largest selection of fine eyewear, with more than 1,400 frames and an array of eyeglass lens types and coatings. We’ll match you with glasses that complement, or better yet, highlight your unique personality and sense of style. You can also take advantage of our Contact Lens Success Program; we guarantee 100 percent success with your contact lenses, or we’ll refund 100 percent of the lens cost

People Behind the Vision

There’s more to great eye care than high-tech equipment, instruments and the perfect pair of glasses or contacts. We care about how you look and feel, too. Our staff will take into consideration your vision needs based on your lifestyle, vocation and daily activities.

We’ve been at it since 2003, when Dr. Jeff Yunker founded Lifetime Vision to provide patients an attentive team approach to eye care. His mission was – and continues to be – to provide innovative eye-care services and products that enhance the quality of sight throughout our patients’ lifetimes.

Over the years, Dr. Yunker has built a team of highly qualified optometrists, talented and caring technicians and support staff who bring the same passion for caring that he has for serving our customers.

At Lifetime Vision, you’ll be treated with promptness, professionalism and compassionate care.

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With Lifetime Vision, you get high-tech, medically based vision care and quality fashion frames that truly look and feel great on you. Come in and see what it means to See the World Through Our Eyes.

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