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Future Looks Bright for Treating Presbyopia

Future Looks Bright for Treating Presbyopia

June 26, 2017

Did you know 120 million people have trouble seeing near (Presbyopia). When you reach your 40’s and beyond you may have noticed your eyes don’t focus well up close. Conventional treatment has been just using reading glasses or bifocals.  Now we have new options which include multi-focal one day contacts, surgical options and eye drops.

Multi focal one day contacts are now available for as little as a dollar a day and provide good distance, near, and intermediate vision. Lasik for presbyopia showed good promise but the results have not met expectations.

Surgical Implants

Huge advancements have been made with multifocal intra-ocular lens exchange (similar to cataract surgery) placed inside the eye.  The best lens is the Tecnis Symfony multifocal IOL (intraocular lens).

Now the BIG NEWS…

EVO6 Topical drops—GREAT NEWS!

EVO6 from Encore Vision is a drop you take for 90 days that breaks down the disulfide bonds in human lens to make it flexible again (aging makes lens stiff) and restores your focus like it was when you were 30 years old.  Amazing.  I will keep you posted on progress of this trial. 

Another (yet unnamed) drop will be used daily to constrict or shrink your pupils to 2mm to restore your near vision with the need for reading glasses.

Imagine being virtually dependent free of reading glasses.

See Well,

Jeff Yunker

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